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Civilizations II, like the original, aims to expand the possibilities a player has, by adding new blocks, items, dimensions, biomes, mobs and concepts, that are yet to be included in the base game.

By using this mod, you’ll experience the game differently, you’ll experience it like you’ve never done before, you’ll find interest in this old, but still appreciated game and you’ll have fun, like when you were first discovering the fascinating game mechanics that this world offers.

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RebornDevTeam - Our Namesake

RebornDevTeam was founded in 2014 as a Mod Development Team for the minecraft mod Reborn 2014 (Simple, huh?) The name stuck around with our project in 2016, Reborn 2016, but sadly, due to creative differences a 3rd mod was never made. Instead, the head of the team focused in 2017 to create a survival mod, at the time called Minecraft: Ultimate Edition, a mod that would expand the possibilities the player had.

After pitching the idea to the team, the mod was renamed to Minecraft+ and work started. In the late days of development, the mod was again renamed, to Civilizations, but soon after, work on the project would halt.

Nothing much happened in 2018, aside from the team opening a development wing for Hearts of Iron mods aswell as trying their hand on the Source Engine and making a failed alpha of Civilizations II, but in December an expansion was released for Civilizations, named Civilizations: Economy, along with the alpha build for Civilizations II, nicknamed "the April Build".

This sparked a newfound interest in Mod Making, and soon work on Civilizations II was started again, but creative differences aswell as arguments about the work schedule caused a valuable member of the team to leave, at which point Civilizations II came close to cancelling, but the team pushed through.

The released date was pushed around countless times, but at the end, a final date was picked, 5th April 2019.

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